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Improtango is a unique dance form that we have developed together, which maintains a strong connection to tango while also bringing its own fascinating world. It expands its horizons with various variations of holds and spatial solutions. At its core, it emphasizes equal roles and allows for different types of music and interpretations. However, the most important aspect is that it opens the door to creativity.

A Genuine Dialogue

Improtango is based on simple improvisation exercises. It focuses on clear and intuitive communication and aims to create an authentic dialogue where both partners have an equally influential role. Improtango can be danced according to clear and simple principles or it can be a complex and challenging dance with a partner.

A shared dance journey

Dance is not just a physical expression, but it is a language of connection, trust, and shared emotions. We have been dancing together for over 30 years. This shared dance journey in both contemporary dance and tango has allowed us to have a unique experience as artists and individuals.

Buenos Aires

The journey to Improtango began in 2003 when we visited Buenos Aires for the first time, and since then, we have returned to the city time and time again for almost 15 years. The milongas and countless teachers in Buenos Aires have guided us into the world of tango culture.

Deep connection

As choreographers and dancers in contemporary dance, we have spent years working with partner work and improvisation, but tango brought something exceptional. It offered us the opportunity for deep communication with our dance partner. In tango, we were fascinated by the moment when dancers blend together on a profound level and create their own unique dance in the moment. The frustrating aspect of learning tango was that it is often taught in the form of ready-made step sequences created by teachers. We wanted to create a dance form where deep communication is present from the beginning, in every practice.

The unpredictable

Improtango originated from where the magic of tango happens: improvisation. In Improtango, individual elements are practiced separately and gradually incorporated into more complex structures. This approach allows for a deeper understanding of the internal world of tango and encourages a freer and more creative way of dancing with a partner. Improtango forms a bridge between traditional and contemporary approaches, combining tango's communication and structure while creating space for a more modern understanding of roles, individual expression, and music interpretation. When two dancers trust their instincts, are fully present in the moment, and forget anticipation and expectations, they listen to each other through authentic messages and enjoy a strong mutual connection that arises from improvisation. Every step is unpredictable, every moment an opportunity to discover something new.

Delicate balancing act

The journey of Improtango has been a delicate balancing act between structure and creativity, technique and interpretation, tradition and innovation. It is a social dance and a choreographic language for us, constantly deepening and evolving. Improtango has opened up new perspectives for us in both dance art and social dance.

Improtango is open to all types of couples

Improtango offers a creative way to learn and dance social dance. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their dance skills, deepen their understanding of communication structure, or seek something new for their dance. Improtango is also for those who have previous experience in other dance styles but crave more creativity and interaction in their dance. This dance is also suitable for beginners as it teaches the basics of communication and provides a fun and relaxed way to spend time together.

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